Hello world!

After six years of running Spotted Owl Events and Promotions, we finaly decided that we just had to share some of our sucesses with you – and have some fun along the way! And speaking of along the way, from a focus which was mainly on corporate events and promotions, we have expanded to staging conferences, festivals, celebrations, road races, exhibitions, weddings  and have a great range of clients, many of them having been with us for several years.

We’ve also opened a hire business – what do you do when you collect so many beautiful things to make your client’s functions special? You hire it out to another client to ensure that event’s success as well, with a few tweaks to make sure that their event is unique of course.  Perhpas this is also what sets us apart from other companies… if you want a Moroccan evening, we don’t mind investing in your dream Moroccan event, we’ll make it happen for you, if you want a vintage wedding setting, gosh we can do that too, and along the way you’ll have fun with us and we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.  It’s time to become part of the Spotted Owl’s family…



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